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About Us:

Our Mission:

The Campaign for Sustainable Transportation is a group of volunteers dedicated to making Santa Cruz County a place where everyone in our diverse community can access their needs and activities in a way that is safe, affordable, convenient and sustainable for future generations.

Our Vision:

By sustainable we mean meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. We acknowledge nature's limits—boundaries that can't be exceeded without damaging the health of natural ecosystems upon which all life depends. We work to reduce our community's dependency on auto travel by making it safe and convenient to get around without a private automobile. To achieve this vision, we advocate for public transit and safe bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure rather than projects that increase auto capacity.

We support:
  • Land use decisions that encourage compact development rather than sprawl to improve people's access to their jobs, school, shopping, recreation, and social life.
  • Measures to protect and increase the supply of affordable housing near jobs to reduce demand for motorized transportation and encourage stable and healthy communities.
  • Good transit and active transportation infrastructure to enable households to be car-free or car-light, making our community more affordable and reducing our carbon footprint.
  • Making streets and pathways safe for pedestrians and bicyclists to get to zero serious pedestrian and bicycle injuries and foster more daily exercise.

The Campaign was formed in June, 2001. Our co-chairs are Rick Longinotti and Bruce Van Allen. Our co-treasurers are Peter Scott and Mike Saint. Bill Malone and Peter Scott help to maintain this website. Feel free to write to us by clicking on this link, or by sending a note to us at

The Campaign for Sustainable Transportation
P.O Box 7927
Santa Cruz, CA 95061.

Please consider making a donation—click here to see how. Your contribution will allow us to pay our monthly bill for this website, and to help with our other expenses.

Several local organizations work with us to achieve commonly shared goals. These include the Sierra Club, Friends of the Rail & Trail, Mission: Pedestrian, the Santa Cruz Friends Meeting, Santa Cruz PRT, Bike Santa Cruz County, and the Watsonville Brown Berets.