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Above is a 13-minute video that aired on CBS 60 minutes on March 3, 2019. Host Steve Kroft tells us about a lawsuit—Juliana v. United States—that challenges our federal government to “help protect the health, the lives and the property of this current generation of kids” and to “get the federal government out of the business of in any way subsidizing fossil fuels, and get them into the business of dramatically curtailing greenhouse gases—in order to create a safe climate”.

It's a heart-warming story. First filed in Oregon in 2015, this lawsuit has survived several attempts to dismiss it, and is very much alive. As one federal judge has said,
“This is no ordinary lawsuit.”

To keep up to date on the status of this lawsuit, here are two relevant links: (a) A Wikipedia Page, and (b) About Our Children's Trust.

A footnote about the retirement of Steve Kroft

After 30 years of doing first-rate CBS News programs, Steve Kroft retired in May, 2019. He will be missed. On September 8, Lesley Stahl interviewed him. Here is the interview.