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Here are a few songs:

Each song title in the list below is a link to a pdf of the song, with the lyrics and (for most) the score. To listen to a tune, click the play button on one of the audio players.

If you would like to contribute a song, let us know by clickinghere.

The header images show Peter Weiss (the “Singing Scientist”), slowly fading out to Peter Scott with Bruce Van Allen holding a microphone (thanks to Janie Yett for this image!), then Russell Brutsché, then Tommy Sands with his daughter Moya and son Fionán, and finally Michael Levy (thanks to Russell Downing for this photo).

“I'm Going Back on the Bicycle” is taken from a CD by Tommy Sands—Singing of the Times—originally recorded in 1985. See Tommy Sands last performed in Santa Cruz in 2016. He's marvelous.