For information about the recalls, click this link

Gary Patton Writes About the Recalls: Click this to read.

A library? A proposal by Group 4 Architecture:

This rendition envisions a new library, buried under a six-story garage that would completely cover what is now "Parking Lot 4", the space between Lincoln and Cathcart Streets where the popular Farmers Market now takes place on Wednesday afternoons. Although this proposal was endorsed by the Downtown Library Advisory Committee in 2017, it is NOT a good idea. Click here for more information about the issues.

Five consultants told the City that building a parking garage
should be a last resort...

...after pricing, commuter benefits, technology and reform of
parking requirements have had a chance to work.

Is it feasible to rebuild our current library?

YES. Here's a rendition by Jayson Architecture.
Click here for details.

Can we create a Downtown Commons on Lot 4?

Mark Lakeman tells us how. Click here to learn what Mark told us.


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February 7: Gary Patton writes about the Recalls. Click here to read what he says.

February 5: We've added two short videos and a statement to our Bus Rider Testimonials page, so have a look at them.

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The new Garage/Library tab summarizes a number of issues related to both the proposal for a new Downtown garage and a new Downtown library.

There are eight links under this tab:

  1. Mark Lakeman's presentation to us, on the creation of a Downtown Commons and the key importance of “Gathering Places”.
  2. 10 reasons why a new garage is not needed Downtown, including a video of Patrick Siegman's presentation to our City Council.
  3. An essay by Rick Longinotti that exposes background details about the political situation.
  4. Testimony from Downtown business owners opposed to the new garage.
  5. A link to the Facebook page for “Downtown Commons Advocates”, a new organization.
  6. Jayson Architecture's presentation about how our current Downtown library could be rebuilt and improved.
  7. Four of Stephen Kessler's Columns, published in the Sentinel, that relate to the proposed new garage and the library.
  8. A Guest Editorial, published in the Sentinel, by several Downtown business owners who are opposed to a new garage and in favor of a Downtown Commons.
What are the Recalls, and how do they work?
(Vote NO on the Recalls—they're a bad idea.)

In the upcoming election on March 3, 2020 (early voting by mail begins February 3), an attempt is underway to recall two progressive Santa Cruz City Council members—Chris Krohn and Drew Glover.

The Recall proponents—primarily wealthy real estate interests and developers—claim that each of these individuals is guilty of harassment, but these claims have been shown—demonstratively—to be false.

On the ballot for the City of Santa Cruz (see this page—a little over half-way down the page), are two questions, one for each candidate:

“Shall Drew Glover be recalled (removed) from the office of Santa Cruz City Councilmember?” and
“Shall Chris Krohn be recalled (removed) from the office of Santa Cruz City Councilmember?”

The Campaign for Sustainable Transportation (CFST) is opposed to the recalls of both Krohn and Glover, and therefore strongly urges a “NO” vote for each question.

Then each of these questions is followed by an invitation to vote for one of two “candidates to succeed [the incumbent] Councilmember if he is recalled”.

To ensure a progressive majority on our City Council should a recall succeed, CFST strongly urges every voter to vote for Tim Fitzmaurice (for Glover's seat) and Katherine Beiers (for Krohn's seat). Each of these candidates has responded to questions posed by CFST. You may read their responses here.

Gary Patton (former County Supervisor for the Third District) has just posted a column. It's entitled “Reject The Recalls: My View”. Click here to read it.

For more details regarding these recalls, visit this website.