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Say YES to METRO Bus Passes

The Santa Cruz City Council has a chance to take the same pro-transit step as Boulder, Colorado, where a quarter of working people get to work by bus.

METRO staff have drafted an Eco-pass proposal that would supply over 4000 workers in Downtown Santa Cruz with a bus pass, paid for by the Downtown Parking District.

This program could free up more parking for customers downtown at a fraction of the cost of a new garage.

Click here to sign our petition.

say no
Say NO to Highway Widening

The Regional Transportation Commission intends to spend $100 million to build 4 miles of auxiliary lanes (exit-only lanes) between Santa Cruz and Aptos. The EIR on Highway 1 projects concluded that this project would neither reduce traffic congestion nor improve safety. For a detailed analysis, and to find out how we can redirect funds that would be wasted on highway widening to boost our public transit infrastructure, click here.

Credits: The “Post-Construction View” header image above is Figure 2.1.6-6 from the Draft EIR for the addition of auxiliary lanes to Highway 1. The subsequent image shows typical traffic congestion, and is from the Chicago Tribune, December 14, 2017.

Say YES to Trail Plus Public Transit on the Rail Corridor

The Campaign for Sustainable Transportation supports the development of public transit on the rail corridor, alongside a beautiful bike and pedestrian trail. The corridor offers a unique opportunity for transit vehicles to operate without getting stuck in vehicle traffic. This will transform our public transit system, moving us towards our goals of environmental sustainability and social equity in transportation.

We are open to considering a variety of forms of transit that may be appropriate for the corridor. In the pages on this website we have posted articles on rail transit, bus rapid transit, and various forms of automated transit. To read more, click here.

Lots of New Stuff

Here's a new video—an interview about electric bicycles:
interview Click on the image to watch the video. It's best in the fullscreen mode. 12.5 minutes.

Come to the Santa Cruz City Council meeting on Tuesday, June 19th at 7pm to advocate for alternatives to a new Downtown parking garage, including bus passes for all workers downtown. To sign the petition, click here.

Working Group Meetings: The Campaign for Sustainable Transportation meets on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month at 12:30pm. Contact Rick Longinotti for location: "Rick [at] SustainableTransportationSC [dot] org".

Zero New UCSC Traffic
King Street Traffic Jam

About the image: Traffic on King Street at 4:40pm jams up, waiting for the signal light at Mission Street.

A video of our May 23 event is now available. Click here to watch it.

If Stanford has achieved zero increase in peak period vehicle trips to campus since 2001, UCSC can do the same. Rick Longinotti, Co-chair of Campaign for Sustainable Transportation, will describe the strategies to keep traffic from getting worse and what we need to do to advocate for them.

Please sign our new petition, urging our Santa Cruz City Council to accept the plan developed by METRO staff to offer free bus passes to all workers in Downtown Santa Cruz. A link to this new petition is here.

Read what Santa Cruz downtown business owners have to say about the plan to build a new five-level garage (with a new library on the ground floor). The link to this new page is here.

We have upgraded our presentation of videos by the renowned planner and architect Peter Calthorpe. Calthorpe describes key decisions that have resulted in livable and safe communities, and in reduced vehicle miles traveled per household. His primary example is Portland, Oregon. The three videos are short, and relevant for our times and our community. Have a look at them. They are excellent. Just click on this link.

Don't tear up the tracks:
We have posted two opinion pieces—one by Paul Schoellhamer that appeared in the Sentinel, and the other by George Dondero that appeared in the Aptos Times, the Scotts Valley Times and the Capitola Times—explaining why tearing up the tracks is a bad idea. To read them, click here.

Top 10 Reasons to Build the Rail Trail. A new video created by Friends of the Rail & Trail and the Land Trust of Santa Cruz County and sponsored by seven other Santa Cruz County organizations, it's a good one, and at only a minute and 19 seconds, easy to view. Click here to watch it.

Updated rail section with a new detailed map of the population density along our rail line. We have also posted Bruce Sawhill's new slideshow, with his expert vision about how viable public transportation in our rail corridor might succeed. Please check it out. It's right here. This is our response to those who keep saying we should throw away millions of dollars and remove the tracks.

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Read Lewis Mumford's relevant essayThe Highway and the City”. To find out more, click here. Please read it!!!!!

We have a new page of songs, which is right here. We would welcome additional songs, if you would like to contribute any. Just write to us here if you would like to.

Susan Handy came to Santa Cruz, and gave us a good presentation at our Louden Nelson Center. Her talk, entitled “Stuck in Traffic: Will More Lanes Help?”, was followed by many good questions from her large audience. It was well-received. We have now posted a short summary of her remarks. You may also listen to a recent interview of her by Charles Marohn of Strong Towns, and watch a short informative two-and-a-half minute video by Linda Booth Sweeney. Click on this link to learn more.

We have a page of Stories by Bus Riders! Put together by Dana Bagshaw, it is right here. These are folks who enjoy using the bus to get around, and on this page, they tell you why.

See our Rail Line Info page, with lots of facts and figures about the RTC's Passenger Rail Feasibility Study. There are also a couple of informative videos. Click here to read it.

A summary of a transportation survey of County voters , done in early May, 2015, is now available here. Please read it and let us know what you think.

Be sure to write to us (click here) if you have any comments or suggestions or if something about this website does not work for you.