About These Useful Links
  • To start with, get to know the lingo. Here is a “Glossary & Acronym Guide”, located on our Regional Transportation Commission's website. If you want to know the meaning “CEQA”, or “STIP”, or “SB 375”, or any of a large number of other acronyms or phrases, have a look at this extensive (20-page) and carefully formatted document.
  • Other pages of interest on our website. At the moment, we have seven such pages, each of which is listed in the drop-down menu that appears if you hover over the “Links” tab:
    An essay by Lewis Mumford:
    “The Highway and the City”, written by Mumford in 1958. It is still relevant. This is perhaps the primary guiding document for the Campaign for Sustainable Transportation. We urge you to read it!
    Video: Juliana v. United States:
    An excellent 13-minute video on 60 Minutes with Steve Kroft, aired in early March, 2019. It's about a famous lawsuit that demands our federal government stop subsidizing fossil fuels and to curtail greenhouse gases in order to create a safe climate for everyone on Earth.
    Interviews with Peter Calthorpe:
    These are three short videos of renowned planner Peter Calthorpe, describing Transit-oriented Development, why Portland, Oregon is a good example, and “Seven principles for building better cities”.
    “Parking” of Self-driving Cars:
    A short video, with Adam Millard-Ball talking about a problem involving self-driving cars. There is also a link, leading to Millard-Ball's extensive research on this topic.
    An interiew with two owners of E-bikes.
    A few songs you can learn and sing.
    New Urbanism:
    An essay recently submitted by Len Beyea.

    We welcome submissions for inclusion on our website. If you have a piece you would like to see posted, send us an email by clicking here, and we'll consider it.
  • A long list of links to external websites, all of which will appear if you click on the “External Websites” tab—the last tab in the drop-down menu that appears if you hover over the “Links” tab.